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Savers Will NEVER Be Wealthy!  READ

Could Your Family Live on $500/month?  READ

Why Your Money is FAKE!  READ

Is $1.6 Trillion in Debt Worth it? READ


Rich Dad Poor Dad; Robert Kiyosaki  BUY

Think and Grow Rich; Napoleon Hill  BUY

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind; T. Harv Eker  BUY 

Cash Flow Quadrant; Robert Kiyosaki  BUY

The Miracle Morning; Hal Elrod  BUY

The Book on Rental Property Investing; Brandon Turner  BUY

The ABCs of Real Estate Investing; Ken McElroy  BUY

Tax-Free Wealth; Tom Wheelwright  BUY


Do I Need a Financial Coach?  WATCH

Money is Abundant!  WATCH

Get Interested in Interest!  WATCH

Emergency Fund.  WATCH

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